[OPE-L:641] Forms of Tech Change(Digress)

John R. Ernst (ernst@pipeline.com)
Sun, 3 Dec 1995 14:52:54 -0800

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John says:
>> Assuming that you (the accountant) bought the PC and caught
>> up with the rest of industry, you are then confronted with others
>> upgrading to the 286 machine. Are you forced to upgrade?
>> Why? Because the competition has lowered its price?

Michael says

John now says:

Ok. I'll assume a price reduction in the output of
the accountant. Still, does the price reduction
itself force you to upgrade? Was the investment
in the PC completely recovered by the time it was
replaced? Was it not a "mistake" not to take
into account "moral depreciation" when the PC
was introduced into the process of production?