[OPE-L:632] Forms of Tech. Change (digression)

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Sat, 2 Dec 1995 21:36:02 -0800

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John wrote [OPE-L:631]:

> I think you presume a lot in your post below. The "lot"
> is the role of the turnover of fixed capital and the
> periodicity of crisis.

I'm not sure what you are referring to since I made no mention of either
the turnover of fixed capital or the periodicity of crisis in #628.
My comments in that post concerned your assertion concerning the relation
of the LTGRPD to crisis. In OPE-L:630, you said "Sorry about that stuff
at the end." I interpreted that to mean that you agreed with me. Was I
wrong for so believing?

> That simply is not part of the picture of Part III of Book III. It
> clearly was Marx's idea after he wrote Book III.

I assume you are referring to Volume 2 which was written after Volume 3,
is that correct?

> Further, the chapter
> in Book III on the turnover of fixed capital was not
> written by Marx, so who knows what the thing might
> have looked like upon completion by Marx.

We seem to be saying the same thing, i.e. that subjects such as the
turnover of fixed capital, the mechanisms of crisis, and the ways in
which the LTGRPD expresses itself and is modified at more concrete levels
of determination, need further investigation. Of course, we do not know
how Marx would have further examined these topics ... but that doesn't
mean that we shouldn't examine those subjects and try to consider the
general relation of these topics to the rest of Marx's work and the
logical structure in which they should be considered.

In OPE-L Solidarity,