[OPE-L:624] Forms of Tech. Change [digression]

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Sat, 2 Dec 1995 12:48:12 -0800

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John wrote [OPE-L:617]:

> By failing to distinguish between these two
> distinct forms of technical change, much
> confusion arises in FRP discussions. The
> "labor saving" form of technical change is
> given emphasis to assure a fall in the FRP,
> while the other form is deemed non-existent
> or, simply, ignored.
Please explain:

(a) *how* this distinction regarding differing forms of technical change
has led to "much confusion" in discussions concerning Marx's "law of the
tendency for the general rate of profit to decline" [LTGRPD] (*specifying*
different examples of this "confusion" in the literature following Marx).

(b) *how* you believe this distinction relates to the LTGRPD and periodic

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