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For those considering discussing money in the context of Vol. 1, Part 1,
I have compiled the following (probably incomplete) listing of old posts
that dealt with related matters. You should not feel that you have to
read these old posts to participate or initiate a thread. They are
provided here only as a source of reference for those who are interested.
At the end of this post, I have again attached the necessary information
needed for accessing the archives.
References on money:

OPE-L # Author Date
""""""" """""" """"
290 Paul C. 951019
291 Steve K. "
294 Duncan 951020
297 Mike L. "
300 Paul C. "
311 Duncan 951021

[on gold money]

313 Chai-on 951022
314 " "
322 Paul C. 951024
327 Duncan 951025

[Note: this thread changed into a discussion of marginal vs. average
production costs. Post #s are not included here for that reason].

[interest as the price of money]

356 Gil 951027
357 (last section) Alan 951028
383 Paul C. 951131

[Comments on Ch 1 of Marx's Capital]

365 Paul C. 951029

[World money digression]

374 Jerry 951030
381 Anwar 951031
389 Chai-on "

In OPE-L Solidarity,

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