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Fri, 1 Dec 1995 04:29:52 -0800

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How do we move forward? I propose the following:

(1) We can continue to discuss outstanding issues (e.g. method, abstract
labour, simple commodity production), but let's see if we can summarize
our positions and *concentrate* on other issues. That is, we can still
discuss these issues so long as members feel that the dialogue is useful
and not getting repetitive, but let's begin to widen our discussion to
other issues.

(2) I ask that list members pose any questions that they want to see
discussed from the remainder of *Part 1*, V1. This includes Chapters 1-3
and, amongst other topics, issues associated with *money*

(3) If anyone wants to see us discuss other topics, this can be done by
labeling your post as a "digression" and then seeing who bites.

In OPE-L Solidarity,