[OPE-L:610] Re: Stalin and value

Paul Cockshott (wpc@clyder.gn.apc.org)
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 12:55:12 -0800

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I think one needs to do both. A "choice" needs to be made if but only if
one doubts that the 1943 revision in the law of value was not his view
the time, or that the article didn't receive his approval. I do not
these to be credible possibilities.

I am not familiar with the text that you refer to, but I see no reason
why one has to assume that anything published by leading soviet
economists had to reflect Stalins views. The 1952 text is an
intervention in a debate that was apparently going on about how
to teach political economy, and is largely devoted to criticising
the published positions of leading economists. This seems to
indicate that there was no unanimity of views on the matter.

The significance of the 1952 text, was that it became the point of
reference for subsequent discussions about the persistence of
commodity production under socialism by communist authors.