[OPE-L:598] Mepham on Rosdolsky

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Wed, 29 Nov 1995 12:04:16 -0800

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Andrew here:

last week I recommended Mepham's critique of Rosdolsky's methodology of mapping
the Grundrisse and Capital one-to-one. Steve Keen has asked for the citation;
I've decided to post it publicly in case others are interested.

John Mepham, "From the 'Grundrisse' to 'Capital': The making of Marx's
method," pp. 145-71 of _Issues in Marxist Philosophy, Vol. I; John Mepham
and David-Hillel Ruben (eds.). Published by Humanities Press, Atlantic
Highlands, NJ, 1979 and Harvester Press, Brighton (England), 1979.