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Fred Moseley (fmoseley@laneta.apc.org)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 11:36:56 -0800

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Riccardo B. wrote:

Looking at both C&C 4, 1978, and at Simon's book, I found
>in the editors preface to the appendix (Mike Roth and Wal Suchting) that in
>fact the first version of the first edition of Capital vol. I *has* been
>translated in English. They refer to Axel Davidson's translation in Marx
>1972, Chapter One of Capital, Bulletin Marxist Classics Series n. 1, New
>York, Labor Publications. Now, this (small) book is out of reach for me
>here in Italy. Do anybody of you have it, or know some library who owns
>it? Is it too much to ask for a photocopy to be sent here in Italy?
>Definitely, I'll pay for having it!
>By the way: in Roth's and Suchting's bibliography it is quoted also a
>book edited by Albert Dragsted, Marx 1976, Value: Studies by Karl Marx,
>London, New Park. Does somebody knows what is included in it?


I have a copy of this English translation of Chapter 1 in the 1st edition of
CAPITAL, sent to me by Chris Arthur. I would be happy to send a copy to
you, but the mail between Mexico and Italy takes a long time. You may want
to contact Chris for a quicker copy. But let me know.

The 1st edition also contained a little-known Appendix which consisted of a
"simple, school-masterly" version of what we know as Section 3 of Chapter 1
on "The Value-Form" (Marx letter to Engels, June 22, 1867). I also have a
copy of an English translation of this Appendix, but I can't remember where
I got it and unfortunately I don't have the full bibliographical
information. I think maybe it is from the Dragsted volume that you mention.
Maybe others can help. I would be happy to send you a copy of this too.

Maybe somebody has a good idea for republishing these important but hard to
get sources.

Fred Moseley