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Riccardo Bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Sat, 25 Nov 1995 00:37:21 -0800

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Dear Simon,

thanks for the information on the list.

After almost a year, I'm coming to the end of the editing of the
volumes (I hope to send the manuscript to the publisher for the end of
january). I've been killed by my department, because I felt once again
morally compelled to take also this year the second course on
macroeconomics (here, the legal duty, followed by my colleagues, is one
teaching per year).

I finally succeeded to sit down again with Roberto Finelli around
a table to revise our paper. Before replying to you (and the others who
commented) I wanted to share my impressions with him. We changed the text
taking into account your comments. However, my feeling was that you did
not understood quite well some points in our argument. And I must thank
you for having raised the problem of the textaul base of the argument.
You know, I do not read every day and night Marx, so I feared you could
have being right. Thus I was truly excited when I found in Marx almost the
same chain of reasoning of our sect. 3 not only, implicitly, in the Theory
of Surplus Value (I remembered that), but also, explicitly, in Capital
vol. I. I think to write you a letter after Christmas's vacations - if
I'll be able, also before: but after the courses, and other urgent
businesses, I wish to go in Sicily for holiday. In the meantime, I'll
translate the new parts. Following your suggestions, we decided to cut the
two appendixes, and to put in the footnotes some asides in section 3 which
make more complicate to follow the main line of our reasoning.

I hope all is going well with you.



P.S.: I suggested to Jerry to contact Sue, because I thought she could be
interested. I had not here e-mail, so I suggested to contact her trough you.
But I see she has not still subscribed to the list. Was I wrong? I
saw her paper in New York, and it seemed to me that she was still partly
interested with this kind of Marxian stuff.

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