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Riccardo Bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
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On Fri, 24 Nov 1995, S.Mohun wrote:

> Michael Perelman says that the first edition of Chapter 1 was published some
> years ago in Capital and Class. What was published in C&C 4,
> Spring 1978 was the Appendix to the first edition, called 'The Value-Form'.
> The original is in the new MEGA (part II, vol. 5), but it is not in the 50
> vol. English edition of the Marx-Engels Collected Works. That's why I
> reprinted it in the book I edited for Macmillan which came out last year.
> Simon Mohun,

Simon repeats, with more details, what I've already told to Michael in a
private post. Looking at both C&C 4, 1978, and at Simon's book, I found
in the editors preface to the appendix (Mike Roth and Wal Suchting) that in
fact the first version of the first edition of Capital vol. I *has* been
translated in English. They refer to Axel Davidson's translation in Marx
1972, Chapter One of Capital, Bulletin Marxist Classics Series n. 1, New
York, Labor Publications. Now, this (small) book is out of reach for me
here in Italy. Do anybody of you have it, or know some library who owns
it? Is it too much to ask for a photocopy to be sent here in Italy?
Definitely, I'll pay for having it!

By the way: in Roth's and Suchting's bibliography it is quoted also a
book edited by Albert Dragsted, Marx 1976, Value: Studies by Karl Marx,
London, New Park. Does somebody knows what is included in it?

Any advice on the English editions of Theories of Surplus Value and the
1861-63 Manuscripts?



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