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An International Interdisciplinary Conference

University of Sussex
Friday 26 April - Sunday 28 April 1996

Speakers from a range of disciplines will assess the direction and nature
of some of the central economic, social and political changes in
capitalist societies over the last decades; the relationships between
these changes; the possibilities and dangers they create for the future;
and their implications for social theory and political philosophy.

Speakers will include:

Jeffrey Alexander (UCLA), Elmar Altvater (Free University, Berlin),
Jonathan Boswell (University of Cambridge), Ronald Dore (London School of
Economics), Helmut Dubiel (Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt),
Klaus Eder (European University Institute, Florence), Orlando Fals Borda
(National University of Colombia, Bogota), Frank F|redi (University of
Kent), Shere Hite (El Mundo, Madrid), Piero Ignazi (University of
Bologna), Bob Jessop (Lancaster University), Hans Joas (Free University,
Berlin), Krishan Kumar (University of Kent), Scott Lash(Lancaster
University), Michael Mann (UCLA), Jan Narveson (University of Waterloo,
Ontario), William Scheuerman (University of Pittsburgh), Alan Scott
(University of East Anglia), Alan Sinfield (University of Sussex), Sir
Hans Singer (University of Sussex), Leslie Sklair (London School of
Economics), Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper / University of Manchester),
David Willetts MP, Judith Williamson (University of Middlesex) and
Stephen Wood (London School of Economics).

Conference fee, including refreshments: 35 pounds sterling (waged), 15
pounds sterling (students and unwaged). To register, please send name and
address with a cheque payable to 'The University of Sussex' to the
address below. There will be a limited number of places so advance
booking is advisable. Details of local accommodation will be sent with
booking confirmations.

Andrew Chitty
Graduate Research Centre in the Social Sciences
University of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9QN, UK
Tel: (+44) 01273 606755
Fax: (+44) 01273 678466
E-mail: sptconf@sussex.ac.uk