[OPE-L:481] abstract labor & interpretation

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Wed, 15 Nov 1995 06:48:33 -0800

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In case anyone doesn't have a copy yet, there is an article by Massimo De
Angelis on "Beyond the Technological and Social Paradigms: A Political
Reading of Abstract Labour as the Substance of Value" in the current
[Autumn, 1995] issue of _Capital & Class_ [pp. 107-134].

Massimo presents a "Open Marxism" [e.g. Antonio Negri, Harry Cleever et
al.] perspective on this issue. Massimo was asked some time ago whether
he wanted to join OPE-L (as part of my endeavor to have different streams
of thought represented on the list). He replied that under other
circumstances he would be "VERY VERY interested", but, that he doesn't
have the time to participate now. He asked that he be reconsidered if and
when we decide in the future to admit more members.

In OPE-L Solidarity,