[OPE-L:455] Gold production and inflation

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In OPE-L: 448, Makoto referred to debates "at the beginning of this
century in Germany and Russia-Soviet."

A couple of questions:

1) Could you explain the relevance of the debate on gold production and
inflation that occurred within German and Austrian Social Democracy,
1910-12, to the question of the value of gold money? That debate was an
attempt to give a theoretical explanation for the growth of inflation in
Germany, and, especially, Austria. (sources follow: extracted from a post
I sent to the "marxism" list in August).

2) Who were the principals in the debate in the USSR (1920s?)? What was
the specific question that was being addressed? Are those articles
available in any other language than Russian?

In OPE-L Solidarity,


Bauer, Otto _Die Teuerung. Eine Einhuhrung in die Wirtschaftspolitik der
Sozialdemokratie_, Wien, Verlag der Wiener Volksbuchhandlung Ignaz Brand
& Co., 1910

----------- "Goldproduktion und Teuerung" _Die Neue Zeit_ 30 Jg,
1911/1912, II Bd, pp. 4-14, 49-53, 246-247

J.v.G. "Goldproduktion und Preisbeweung", _Die Neue Zeit_, 30 Jg.,
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Varga, Eugen "Goldproduktion und Teuerung" _Die Neue Zeit_, 30 Jg,
1911/1912, I Bd, pp. 212-220

There is one other original source (which deals mostly with different issues
and is a popular work), which was translated into English:

Kautsky, Karl _The High Cost of Living_, Chicago, Charles H. Kerr &
Company, 1915. (out-of-print since, I believe, 1915!)