[OPE-L:443] Short suggestion

Alan Freeman (100042.617@compuserve.com)
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 13:18:49 -0800

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Re: procedure; a short suggestion

I have replied offlist to Jerry [OPE-359,360] and Mike [377],
to clear up a number of unnecessary misunderstandings. I
suggest the procedural discussion remain offlist for now.

The agenda is now the discussion on volume I and I don't think
it is productive to return to procedure until some water has
flowed under the bridge.

Nevertheless there are substantial unresolved problems and I
suggest that in about a month's time we schedule a short
further discussion on aims and objectives. This would have the
further advantage that the newer list members, not party to
the original formation of the list, will have had some time to
get to know the other participants and the nature of the
discussion, and will then be able to have their say on how to

We can, as it were, decide how to party with the gang all

Although I do not agree with the argument a small number of
large posts impedes discussion and find the alternative - a
large number of short posts - harder to deal with, in
deference to the two objections made to my long posts I will
try to break up future contributions into bites. I think this
is one of the questions we should later return to.

I think the most constructive contribution I can make at this
point is to attempt to illustrate the methodology which I
think should be adopted, by the nature of my contributions,
which I will do my best to achieve.


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