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Tue, 7 Nov 1995 13:04:52 -0800

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We have been plagued by some problems with the server at CSU in recent
days. It now appears that posts will find their way to the list, but may
be delayed.

Before we were so rudely interrupted, we were discussing questions
related to the "Prefaces" and Part 1, V1 of CAPITAL.

In particular, we were in the midst of discussing:

a) method;
b) abstract labour

Other issues that have been discussed recently [in the last week] included:

a) the value of constant capital;
b) "price/value" theory;
c) money markets of contemporary capitalism [digression]
d) Riccardo's suggestions (see #420:951104) concerning

We should either;

a) continue these threads if list members still feel that the issues
need to be clarified more, or;
b) begin to discuss other topics associated with V1, Part 1.

Of course, it is always in order to suggest a "digression."

In OPE-L Solidarity,