[OPE-L:408] Re: abstract labor

bill mitchell (ECWFM@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
Sat, 4 Nov 1995 00:35:58 -0800

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Duncan commenting on paul said:
>But for the same reasons it seems off the track to view feudal
>exploitation as taking the form of the expropriation of surplus labor,
>rather than as the appropriation of a surplus product in concrete form.
>(Just as in ancient societies there was commodity production and even
>nascent capitalist production in feudal societies alongside feudal

there is a good article by Micheal Burawoy, which
i think is entitled "The labour
process, Braverman and beyond" which came out about 1978. i have forgotten its
details and i am not in my office. it provides an excellent discussion of the
way in which surplus is created and "enforced" in feudalism viz capitalism.

kind regards