[OPE-L:395] abstract labor again

Michael Perelman (michael@ecst.csuchico.edu)
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 11:26:54 -0800

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Paul C. is correct in a sense. One can find tons of evidence in Marx that
he conceived of labor values in the same sense that Paul says. In addition,
there is a long tradition among Marxists that reads Marx that way.

Stalin, for example, took this line to show that engineer/planners could run
the economy untroubled by the inconvenience of democratic forms of planning.

I wrote an article in Rethinking Marxism a couple of years ago in which I
tried to show that Marx also had a more qualitative analysis of labor.

Paul C., tell me how you can measure the values of the labor emodied in
constant capital when the capital undergoes revaluations?

How would you calculate the value of a team of software engineers working in
a large industrial enterprise?
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