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Wed, 25 Oct 1995 03:39:05 -0700

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I agree with Jerry's proposal. Of course, his procedure implies
that important (and interesting) questions about the contemporary
relevance of Marx's work will not be addressed for a substantial
period of time. However, Jerry's approach (or Jerry's synthesis) may
provide the framework for a common conceptual structure in OPE-L (or
at least the knowledge of our different conceptual structures), which
is necessary for the discussion of more complex topics.

I think that the alternative of going straight into more complex
issues (Okishio, the transformation problem, productivity growth,
etc...) in the absence of this preliminary analysis is likely to lead
to a situation where people merely repeat what they already hold to
be true.

The gains from Jerry's proposed strategy are likely to exceed
these of the alternative view (with apologies if I am building a
'straw-strategy'). I think that we should 'go for it' from Monday.

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