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Alan wrote:

(a) that we look at Marx's order of enquiry as the starting point for
our own 'logical order' of enquiry. We might modify it, but we take
a glance at it.
I propose that we go ahead and discuss this topic next. The object should
not be primarily to discover "Marx's order of enquiry" though. The object
should be to discuss via an explanation of Marx's method, what we believe
is a reasonable order of enquiry for the stated task of beginning the
process of "advancing Marxist economic theory."

Let's agree to discuss this question for awhile (1-2 weeks?). Towards the
end of that discussion, we should consider again proposals for the next
steps forward.

The above discussion does not preclude our discussing other threads on
the list during this period. I would still encourage all those who have
not yet submitted "brainstorming" posts to do so. I have not heard one
argument yet advanced against the idea of brainstorming.

I think all would agree that it is a better use of our time to be
discussing issues of substance than only issues of procedure. While we
will have to periodically discuss procedural questions, it is more
stimulating for all if we have substantive discussions as well.

BTW, the posts from yesterday were entirely fascinating. I would like to
see us discuss our order and process of enquiry more before we decide
whether we are going to break the list down into sub-groups.

In OPE-L Solidarity,