[OPE-L:299] a general invitation

Michael A. Lebowitz (mlebowit@sfu.ca)
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 13:38:38 -0700

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OK, one final point for today. I have been asked to assemble a session
on the general topic of Marxian Economics for the meetings of the History of
Economics Society which will be held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, June 28-
July 1st, 1996. I have held off mentioning this until now in the hope that
our discussion would generate an obvious subtopic for the session (eg.,
Marx's Plans, the reconstruction of the concept of value, etc); however,
while that may yet occur, I think I will issue a general invitation to all
of you right now to submit a proposal, and then will be able to see if any
themes emerge. If, as I hope, there is a wealth of interesting proposals,
I'll do my best to lobby for a second session with the President-elect,
Malcolm Rutherford (who I think would have little objection in principle).
(Otherwise, I am told, the session should consist of 3-4 papers, preferably
3.) In fact, I'm hoping that this will be an opportunity for a subset of
OPE-L to meet in person.
If you are interested and have some ideas about a paper *or* if you are
interested in participating as a discussant, I would appreciate hearing
from you relatively soon. I will need a 250 word abstract of your paper
(although not immediately) and should have the names of presenters and
titles of papers to pass on to Malcolm by next January.
And, now for the pitch. I haven't attended any HES meetings for a while
but do know there are always some people interested in Marx that tend to go
(eg., Michael Perelman, Roy Rotheim), and it certainly is an opportunity to
pass on insights to people without a specific interest in Marx but who do
teach history of thought. A real attraction, though, should be the
opportunity to visit Vancouver, definitely (still) one of the most beautiful
cities in the world (and close to wonderful coastal and wilderness areas if
you are looking for a subsequent vacation trip), at a prime time of year. If
that isn't sufficient to lure you here, let me mention that these meetings
coincide with the concluding days of the annual Vancouver jazz festival,
North America's best, most avante garde, jazz fest and, in fact, there will
be an overlap on the weekend with the outside free jazz events. (I mention
this because-- even though I'm really looking forward to seeing and talking
with you all-- if, eg., David Murray, Henry Threadgill and Trevor Watt are
doing a gig at the same time as the sessions on Marx, you'll just have to
see me some other time. We all have to have a proper sense of priorities.
Looking forward to hearing from all of you.
in solidarity,
Michael A. Lebowitz
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