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Alan (from OPE-L:285): "... the original proposal was 'the plans'...."

Alan is mistaken. Excerpts from the original proposal to the "marxism"
list dated August 6 follow:

"For as long as I have been a Marxist ..., I have heard Marxists repeat
over and over again how Marx's analysis of capitalism is incomplete and
how we need to further the work on political economy that Marx began.
Yet, in my view, Marxist economists spend far more time defending Marx
from attack, then advancing his analysis." <snip>

"Let's start with what Marx wrote about his original plan for _Capital_
..., and see whether we can develop an *outline* that attempts to trace
logically the topics that remain to be studied in greater depth and their

Consequently, the goal was never the analysis of Marx's plans. That was
just a starting point for us to begin to consider the outstanding issues
related to understanding capitalISM. As Alan should be aware, we almost
decided to skip the "plans" entirely and begin with the listing.

In OPE-L Solidarity,