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I don't hear anyone addressing the varying needs and desires of list members.
Here's a suggestion:

Divide the list into two groups that agree to meet together and discuss
specific issues and procedure. Agree that we will re-access the progress
of this process after January 1, 1996.

Group One: Discuss basic issues such as value, abstract labour, et. al.
Establish reasonable goals and time periods for discussion.
Move from one topic to the next starting with Vol. 1 Ch. 1.

Group Two: Discuss more concrete questions associated with "extending
Marx." Select a starting point (e.g. somewhere in Vol. 3,
landed property, competition, international trade, etc.)
and work forward to whatever topic the group feels should be
taken up next.

The activities of these groups should take place on the list. That will
allow everyone to monitor what is being discussed. Agree that people who
are not in a group should only be allowed to post once per week on topics
that the other group is discussing.

Also, select one week (in November or December) when we can discuss a
"seminar paper" on a _specific_ issue that all are agreed needs more
research. Whoever suggests the seminar topic should be prepared to submit
a seminar paper that focuses the question and reviews existing literature
and evidence.

This is not a "perfect solution." Other solutions may be preferable. The
key task before us, IMO, is to have a framework that will allow all to
discuss topics that they believe are important.

In OPE-L Solidarity,