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Mon, 16 Oct 1995 18:50:27 -0700

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We have a number of controversies:

1) Regarding, cross-posting: First, I am going to discontinue the
cross-posting of posts unless specifically asked by the person who
authored the post. If this created some confusion, I apologize.

2) If list members object to what other list members do on this list, I ask
that you take it up either on this list or with me -- rather than air such
grievances on PEN-L or other lists.

3) We have no gag rule/group discipline on OPE-L. It is expected,
however, that we will relate to each other in good faith and as equals.

4)If PEN-L didn't know about OPE-L, they do now. I would have rather let
PEN-L know about this list in a different way. However, no great harm has
been done.

5) Regarding procedural controversies: let's see if we can craft a
proposal which addresses the needs of all those on the list. I understand
the sentiments expressed in both Alfredo's and Paul C's posts. I believe
there must be a way for us to make this list a place where all will be
satisfied with the thrust of list activities.

6) Regarding recruitment: We added two excellent additions since yesterday
-- Bill and Patrick. We now have 22 *men* on the list and *0* women. This
is unacceptable. Also, while we have some of the finest Marxist
economists internationally, we have *no* members from *any* of the
following locations: Central and Latin America, Africa, the Middle East,
Asia. An all "North" political economy list is something less than ideal,
wouldn't you agree? I know we agreed to temporarily suspend new additions
unless a list member recommended someone to me shortly -- so I *ask* you
to recommend a few people to me (and give me the necessary e-mail
addresses) so that we can deal with the above imbalances.

We're going to be working together for some time. This list isn't like
PEN-L, PKT, or marxism. I think all would agree that this list has great
potential. We have to collaborate with each other in good faith, though,
for that potential to be realized.

In OPE-L Solidarity,