[OPE-L:253] re:(OPE-L:245) How to proceed -- Response to Alan

Alan Freeman (100042.617@compuserve.com)
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 14:37:03 -0700

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Tnanks to Jerry for his frank reply to my posting.

Rather than reply in detail at this point, which could result in a dialogue that
distracts from other contributions, I prefer to listen to other views.
So. I'm not ignoring the comment but digesting it.

My posting, I think, lists the main questions I would like to see discussed.
So that's my piece for the brainstorm: how about the others?

I woulld be happy to proceed with the brainstorm as Jerry indicates. My personal
preference after that is a 'break' to discuss the concept of value; but whether
or not this meets with general agreement, what I will try to do is make
a contribution on the concept of value that, I hope, will not just repeat old
and trodden ground but instantiate the approach I suggest.