[OPE-L:223] Silence implies conscent

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Mon, 9 Oct 1995 06:45:55 -0700

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As no one has objected or suggested modifications to the procedural
motion dated 10/6, I believe there is agreement to move on to the
"brainstorming." For the next two weeks, I suggest, our primary focus
should be this activity.

This does not mean that we must cease discussing Marx's plans or other
threads. In the past 2 weeks our primary focus was critically discussing
Marx's plans for CAPITAL, although, we discussed other threads as well on
the list. In the next two weeks, our primary focus will shift to the
"brainstorming", although, we may secondarily use the list to discuss
other outstanding or relevant issues.

Two weeks should allow *everyone* to produce a brainstorm post. Everyone
will be expected to participate.

Please remember to take the "brainstorming" posts "as is" rather than
attempting to answer the questions of others or ask others for additional
clarification. I would recommend that we individually save and/or print
the brainstorming products of others.

I am reproducing that section of the previous post that offers guidelines
on the "brainstorming." Please try to follow the suggested structure.

I look forward to reading and thinking about your "brainstorming" posts.

In OPE-L Solidarity,

II. Begin listing by "brainstorming":
Object: obtain "raw suggestions" for unresolved questions. Allow
everyone to initially participate in the listing process. Each list
member would prepare his (and hopefully, her) list of "questions."
There should be a general agreement by all to simply take the
products of "brainstorming" in a "as is" state at that time, rather
than each member responding to the brainstorming suggestions of others.
Procedure: Ask each list member to develop a (perhaps 2-5 pages of
text) listing with the following divisions:
A. Capital:
1) capitalist production;
2) capitalist circulation;
3) capitalist production as a whole
B. Landed Property
C. Wage-Labour
D. The State
E. International Trade
F. World Market and Crises
(Note: the above division is intended only to allow list members to
structure their questions in a comparable manner and should not be taken
as a statement concerning the 6 books vs. 3(4) volumes issue).
Timetable: 2 weeks (?)

III. Decision on what to do next:<snip>