[OPE-L:218] Steve Keen/Post-Keynesian Observer

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Sun, 8 Oct 1995 15:27:39 -0700

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Those who are familiar with the marxism list know Steve Keen. Steve has
agreed to be a ope-l "Post-Keynesian Observer." Steve has also written
two papers on Marx's theory of value:

-- "Use-value, exchange-value, and the demise of Marx's labor theory
of value",_Journal of the History of Economic Thought_ 1993,
Vol. 15 No.1, pp. 107-121.

"The misinterpretation of Marx's theory of value", JHET 1993 Vol.
15 No. 2, pp. 282-300.

In my view, we benefit from having a variety of perspectives represented
on ope-l. Steve will force us to confront our assumptions and is familiar
with a body of literature that we might want to consider as we continue.
Just remember -- no flames on OPE-L!

Steve -- Welcome aboard, mate!

In OPE-L Solidarity,