[OPE-L:208] Procedural Proposal -- 10/6

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Fri, 6 Oct 1995 05:48:27 -0700

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As we try to summarize our positions on Marx's plans, I propose that we
consider the following proposal concerning the next possible steps before
us. Although I have shown this proposal to a number of people, I would
encourage all to discuss any modifications and/or alternatives on the
list. We will need to move forward soon, but that forward progress should
be built on a common understanding of some of the tasks before us.


Procedural Proposal:
I. Finish critical review of Marx's plans:
-- set tentative timetable (hopefully, relatively soon);
-- assimilate and add new list members;
-- review progress.

II. Begin listing by "brainstorming":
Object: obtain "raw suggestions" for unresolved questions. Allow
everyone to initially participate in the listing process. Each list
member would prepare his (and hopefully, her) list of "questions."
There should be a general agreement by all to simply take the
products of "brainstorming" in a "as is" state at that time, rather
than each member responding to the brainstorming suggestions of others.
Procedure: Ask each list member to develop a (perhaps 2-5 pages of
text) listing with the following divisions:
A. Capital:
1) capitalist production;
2) capitalist circulation;
3) capitalist production as a whole
B. Landed Property
C. Wage-Labour
D. The State
E. International Trade
F. World Market and Crises
(Note: the above division is intended only to allow list members to
structure their questions in a comparable manner and should not be taken
as a statement concerning the 6 books vs. 3(4) volumes issue).
Timetable: 2 weeks (?)

III. Decision on what to do next:
The two most likely scenarios would be to either:
A. Go to the beginning of _Capital_ and work our way forward as a
group through the 3 volumes, or;
B. Go directly to the formation of sub-groups
Discuss advantages of each procedure.

IV. Sub-Group Listing Process
Object: Take the "raw materials" from [II.] and/or [IIIA.] and
prepare a coherent list of questions on each subject matter.
Procedure: ask each list member to identify a subject [capital,
landed property; wage-labour; the state; international trade; world
market and crises] that they wish to discuss in a sub-group.
After we have preferences, we should then see whether we have
enough (or too many) people to cover each topic and make adjustments as
Set a tentative time frame for the sub-groups to meet and discuss.
Have these separate discussions take place on the list. This will
allow all to understand what is happening with the other groups.
However, agree that non-group members should be asked to limit their
responses to, perhaps, 1 or 2 posts per week. This would allow those in
other groups to contribute, but would also allow each group to move
forward with the listing process relatively expeditiously.

V. Each sub-group presents a report to the list with an initial listing
of unanswered questions. We then discuss each "report" separately and
make modifications as required (perhaps, by asking sub-groups to meet

VI. Continue the process until we have a "product" that we can agree on
or, at least, specify differences. Decide then what to do next. Share
results with others? ... consider the questions themselves?, etc.

If you are in agreement with the above, please respond to me personally
[this will help to clear the "airwaves"]. Alternatives and modifications
should be suggested to the list.

In OPE-L Solidarity,