[OPE-L:187] RE: the book on wage labor

Michael Perelman (michael@ecst.csuchico.edu)
Sun, 1 Oct 1995 14:52:36 -0700

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> It seems to me that once again we are into one of the problems of CAPITAL
> -- the measurement of abstract labor. For Marx, the only concrete labor
> that is immediately abstract is the labor that produces gold, the universal
> equivalent. For me, that means that other concrete labors become abstract
> only via the process of exchange. To add up the concete labor times in
> society might be an interesting exercise for those studying to be modern
> economists but I am unclear about what this has to do with Marx's efforts
> John
If nobody else is interested, I will drop the subject, but it has to do with
the extent to which the method of Capital is quantitative, qualitative, or

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