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We began the month with 11 members and no list. On 9/7, we got a list
(thanks to Michael P. and Philip Chao). We now have 17 members.

The first issues we discussed concerned recruitment and procedure.

We decided:

1) not to have another PEN-L posting at that time.

2) how to get started with our project. After a fairly lengthy
discussion, we decided to begin by critically reviewing Marx's first and
last plans for CAPITAL.

During this early period, we also discussed:

1) the importance of Marx's politics.

2) a "digression" on the "general law of capitalist accumulation" in
CAPITAL I, Ch. 25.

3) "Theoretical study and cyberspace" [#28].

We began to discuss Marx's plans on 9/19 with the post: "Marx's Goals and
Ours" [#72]. Since that time we have discussed:

1) laws and levels of abstraction. In particular, we had a lengthy
exchange on the meaning of laws for Marx, natural laws, and the "law of
motion of modern society." See #110 for excerpts of discussion on the
last two questions.

2) the meaning(s) of the "law of value."

3. the logic of the 6 book plan (see, especially, #s 108, 138, 141, 143),
including the question of 6 books "vs" 3(4) volumes.

4) the place of environmental topics in Marx's theory.

5) the book on wage-labour and CAPITAL.

6) the book on Landed Property and CAPITAL.

7) the meaning of "artistic whole"and interest as the price of money.

We have also had ongoing discussions regarding list size and procedure
during this period.

An unresolved issue concerns the archives function on the server. At this
time we do not have an archives, and all agree that we need an archives
as soon as possible. We are already up to OPE-L #175 and an archives will
also be needed especially for new list members.

It has not been decided exactly what to do after reviewing Marx's plans.
Some suggestions for beginning the listing process included: brainstorming,
going to the beginning of CAPITAL and working our way forward through the
3 volumes, and/or forming working-groups/interest groups.

All in all, it was a great month for OPE-L.

In OPE-L Solidarity,