[OPE-L:171] Re: Paul Mattick Jr.

Paul Cockshott (wpc@clyder.gn.apc.org)
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 12:51:02 -0700

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I concur with Jim in worrying that too many members might
be cumbersome, but, if we really are serious about the
6 book project, then it will be necessary to split the
work up into working-groups/interest-groups centered on
the different volumes. A neccessary proviso would
be interchange of ideas between groups to ensure coherence.

A possible way to proceed would be for people to identify
which 'book' they are most interested in. Those associated
with each book then discuss among themselves until they
have an overall outline structure and identification of
the key questions. At this stage the agreed outlines are
presented to the whole OPE group for general discussion.

We might have to iterate a couple of times round that
loop before we actually get down to working on chapter
drafts in the individual groups. After that, we would
then have to cycle again to re-discuss.

What do people think about the viability of this as
an approach?