[OPE-L:154] Re: more than 6 books?

Iwao Kitamura (ikita@st.rim.or.jp)
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 07:41:33 -0700

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Reading recent posts on the list, I get an idea
that we should limit our project in the principle
level. Frankly speaking, my concern has been mostly
in the theorem at the development stage level
(Imperialism , StaMoKap, Late capitalism, etc),
but now I believe we should start from the principle level.
I don't think we can write an infinite number of books
at the principle level. Reviewing Das Kapital may be
the first task. Then come other several tasks. That's all.
Applying the principle theorem to the development stage level
could be another serie of tasks.

I have no experience in studying plan problem. But 6 book
plan seems to me they are all at the principle level.
(Naturally there was no neccesity to build theorem at the
development stage level when Marx was alive.)
In my understanding, Das Kapital covers only a part of the
first book in 6. Competition, credit and stock capital should be
more studied as specific problems, though we can see Marx
picked up those subjects as examples in Das Kapital.
For example, Vol.3 paragraph 5 describes credit, but this
paragraph aims at an explanation of "Separating profits
into interest and management earnings" as a part of the
explanation of "capital in general" as Marx wrote at the beginning
of the chapter 22(VOL.3).

Interesting is that Marx planned one paragraph for stock capital
in 6 book plan.
Here is my first trial of listing chapters for the paragraph.
1. stock
2. stock market as primary market
3. stock market as secondary market
4. stock price
5. stock capital and real accumulation

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