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Tue, 26 Sep 1995 02:34:54 -0700

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A few comments on where we are now and procedure:

1) We have only had a list now for a few weeks and my feeling is that we
have made excellent progress during that time period. We added new people,
discussed procedure, decided collectively to begin by discussing Marx's
plans, and have for a week only been discussing issues associated with
those plans.

2) I like Mike L.'s suggestion that we discuss particular issues in given time
periods. We need to be creative, but we also need to structure our
thoughts and have time to consider the suggestions of others. If we are
to have "discipline", though, it must be self-discipline.

3) Let's begin by saying that for the next week *at least* we will critically
discuss Marx's plans for CAPITAL. Paul B's, Mike P's, and especially Mike L's
lengthy post, move us in this direction. Let's spend some time discussing these issues.

4) Let's try and remember, though, what we are trying to do here. My idea is
that a critical discussion of Marx's plans is a PRELUDE to the listing. In
particular, if we can agree on a framework for organizing and structuring
our ideas on unfinished/unresolved questions, that would be a GREAT help for us in terms of what we do next. We don't need to agree now on method (although,
I believe our discussion of "laws", etc. has been useful). We need only, at
this point, to agree to focus our discussion with an eye towards what will
come next.

5) The concerns of Alan and Mike L. are legitimate. In addition to time
periods to discuss particular issues, list members should also consider
writing lengthy posts (like Mike L's recent post) that allow us to focus
our ideas via criticism or agreement. This is somewhat akin to the
"seminar papers" procedure that PKT has periodically.

6) Just remember to keep your "eyes on the prize." We are doing something
important here and we will all benefit if we remember that and remained

In OPE-L Solidarity,


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