[OPE-L:97] Re: skilled labor-power

James Devine (JDevine@lmumail.lmu.edu)
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 11:49:55 -0700

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Jerry writes: >>Let's begin by asking: what are all of the
factors that do, in fact, have an effect on the wages for skilled
laborers? [list them] We already know how Marx presents this
question in V1. At that level of abstraction, it was both a
simplifying assumption [appropriate for that level of analysis]
and a reflection of a historical process.<<

Just a warning of a trap, which Jerry has probably not fallen
into. It's important to separate the question of the _value of
skilled labor-power_ (or its wage) from that of the _value
created by skilled labor_. These are separate questions.

My feeling is that in K1, Marx mostly talks about skilled labor
in order to abstract from it: he is developing the concept of
abstract labor (and the argument that capitalism tends to reduce
concrete labors to abstract labor). On this subject, see my
article in CAPITAL & CLASS awhile back (1989).

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