[OPE-L:77] Re: Marx's Goals and Ours

James Devine (JDevine@lmumail.lmu.edu)
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 10:19:08 -0700

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As the first and foremost of the list of Marx's goals in CAPITAL,
Jerry includes:
>>Outline and explain the logic of capitalism and its "laws of

I think that this is highly connected with the third on the list:
>>Develop a theory that would serve as a guide for his
revolutionary politics...<<

Mike L's book BEYOND CAPITAL suggests a way of explaining the
connection: Marx aimed to understand the "laws of motion of
capital" while holding the reaction of the working class
constant. It's not the "laws of motion of capitalISM" that's the
subject of CAPITAL, since capitalism includes wage-labor and
workers' response.

Now, when Marx explains the laws of motion of capital holding
workers' responses constant, he's saying to workers: this is what
will happen if you don't go beyond the normal level of
resistance. This links up with his politics.

Beyond that, I agreed with Jerry's missive. Thanks, Jerry.

in ope-l solidarity,

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