[OPE-L:69] Forward Motion Triangulation

jones/bhandari (djones@uclink.berkeley.edu)
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 03:04:25 -0700

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>OK, how's this for a solution:
>-- Let's start with a critical discussion of the 6 book plan *and* Marx's
>last plans?

This is fine with me. Jerry did mention in some context at some point the
importance of Marx's letter to Engels of 4/30/68. Jerry, were you
suggesting that this was something that would help us determine Marx's
plan? I know that I have found it tremendously helpful and was intrigued
by the use Fred Moseley put it to in his recent Summer 1995 Capital and
Class article on capital-in-general. I don't know if this is relevant at
this point.