[OPE-L:63] Agreement on moving forward?

glevy@acnet.pratt.edu (glevy@acnet.pratt.edu)
Sun, 17 Sep 1995 14:49:30 -0700

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All but two list members have written something in the last six days on
where to begin. The majority opinion seems to be that we can begin with a
critical examination of Marx's last plans for _Capital_ (the prefaces and
postfaces to VI).

If there is anyone who strongly objects to this procedure, please
articulate your objections to the list so that we can decide and move

If and/or when we decide to follow the above proposal on discussing
Marx's "last plans", I am prepared to send a short (10K) post on "Marx's
Goals and Ours" which might help to focus our discussion on some issues.
If we decide to follow this path, I would encourage others as well to
consider writing longer posts so that we can have some "meat" with which
to discuss some issues related to Marx's plans for _Capital_.

In OPE-L solidarity,