[OPE-L:50] Re: Pros and Cons: Comments and a Blank Form

Iwao Kitamura (ikita@st.rim.or.jp)
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 06:22:40 -0700

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On Wed, 13 Sep 1995 18:46:21 -0700 Jerry wrote:

>1) At last, we are finally beginning to discuss the issues.
>2) I agree with Jim's comments about making an effort to separate issues
>out by levels of analysis (when we do this is another question).
>3) I think that Michael P.'s point about how outlines change as one's
>study proceeds, is a good point. Wherever we start, we will have to go
>back at intervals to decide whether the outline structure needs to be
>modified as a result of our investigations.
>4) I hear a number of different suggestions, but I don't hear people yet
>speaking to the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures.
>Consequently, I have organized [in the form below] the suggestions to date
>(and left room for additions suggestions) so that list members can speak
>to this issue.
>5) I don't want to add anything more at this point since I don't want to
>dominate or micro-manage the discussion.
>In OPE-L Solidarity,

I'd like to try to fill branks below as Jerry proposed.
My strings may be very personal.
At last I'm not so sure but prefer to discuss methodology in short at first.
Then review Vol2&3, and list problems.
However, brain-storming at the beginning is a good idea, too.

First Issue: Where to Begin:

A. Critically study Marx's plans:
Advantages:gives a chance to rethink "architectonics" of Das Kapital.

Disadvantages:could be hard to meet a compromise to go to the next stage
in a short length of time. There're so many arguments.

B. Begin with the listing of problems:
Advantages:very natural

Disadvantages:requires a moderator to classify the problems.
Methodological controvesy could come out.
(This might be an advantage at the same time)

C. Take Marx's first plans, study them, and go on to the listing:
no idea

D. Take Marx's last plans, study them, and go on to the listing:
Advantages:probably positive effect on the listing

Disadvantages: don't know

E. discuss methodology in short, review Vol. 2&3, and go on to the listing:

Advantages:be aware of positions of others about mothodology.


Second Issue: The listing:

A. Move systematically through each volume of _Capital_, ask whether
people see any unanswered questions, organize the submitted questions,
and then decide the order in which we wish to address them.


Disadvantages:tend to pick up unansweres questions only appeared
in moving through Das Kapital.

B. Begin by listing questions (without going systematically through
_Capital_) and then organize the submitted questions.



C. Begin the listing by examining Vol. 3 of _Capital_ and asking what are
the unanswered questions in that volume and before.


Disadvantages:same as A

D. Begin the listing by examining Vol. 2 & 3 of _Capital_ and asking what are
the unanswered questions in those volumes and before.


Disadvantages:same as A


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