[OPE-L:32] Marx's Plans: Bibliography

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Mon, 11 Sep 1995 21:00:14 -0700

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Regarding John's question about listing and chronologically-ordering
Marx's plans, I found the following on page 6 of Antonio Negri's _Marx
Beyond Marx_(Bergin and Garvey Publishers, 1984):

Table 1: Outlines and Modifications of _Capital_

(1) September 1857 _Grundrisse_, p. 108
(2) October 1857 _Grundrisse_, pp. 227-228
(3) November 1857 _Grundrisse_, p. 264
(4) November 1857 _Grundrisse_, 275
(5) February 1858 Letter to Lasalle 22 February 1858, _Selected
Correspondence_, p. 96
(6) April 1858 Letter to Engels 2 April 1858, ibid, pp. 97-98
(7) June 1858 _Grundrisse_, German edn., pp. 855-859
(8) January 1859 _Contribution_, p. 19
(9) February- 1859 _Grundrisse_, German edn., pp. 969-978
(10) December 1862 Letter to Kugelmann 28 December 1862, _MEW_ Vol. 30
(11) January 1863 _Theories_ I, pp. 414-416
(12) July 1865 Letter to Engels 31 July 1865, _MEW_ Vol. 31
(13) October 1866 Letter to Kugelmann 13 October 1866, ibid
(14) April 1868 Letter to Engels 30 April 1868, _Selected
Correspondence, pp. 191-195

(NOTE: Having just typed the above, I realized that this is the same
listing as the one appearing on p. 55 of Rosdolsky!).

The above, since it comes from Rosdolsky, obviously does not include
additional references from MEGA or the _Collected Works_.

References on Marx's plans that have been suggested by others include:

-- Oakley, Allen _The Making of Marx's Critical Theory: A Bibliographical
Analysis_, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983

-- Rosdolsky, Roman _The Making of Marx's 'Capital'_, Pluto, 1980

-- Smith, Tony _The Logic of Marx's Capital_, SUNY Press

-- Beamish, Rob _Marx, Method and the Division of Labor_, University of
Illinois Press

Additionally, one can find interesting evaluations of the plans in:

-- Itoh, Makoto _The Basic Theory of Capitalism_Barnes & Noble Books, 1988

-- Negri, Antonio _Marx Beyond Marx_, Bergin & Garvey, 1984

Also, I believe our own Mike L. has written on this subject.

So ... what do we do with this stuff (and other sources that people will
suggest)? I'd like to see us avoid long textual discussions about Marx's
plans and get to what, in my view, really matters: a *critical* discussion
of the plans from the standpoint of unfinished topics related to
understanding capitalism. I see this discussion as a starting point for
us to discuss the analytical issues that will have to be addressed at the
outset. If someone has a better idea, I'm all ears. In any event, let's
get this show on the road by discussing my procedural motion.

In OPE-L solidarity,