[OPE-L:24] Plans, Political Writings, and Dates

John R. Ernst (ernst@pipeline.com)
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 20:37:22 -0700

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So far we have made mention of the need to discuss the various plans for
CAPITAL as well as Marx's more overtly political writngs. I have no
problem with either but it seems to me those making these suggestions could
now help out by composing lists of the various materials. With repect to
the Plans, this is no easy task.

1. Back in 1979, in a seminar on Rosdolsky, we gathered at least 18
different, often related, plans for Marx's work. Unfortunately, I no
longer have these at hand but will ask around.

2. There may be more plans known today as more of the material from Marx's
work has been made published since then.

3. Each plan should be dated as carefully as possible. Again, as I recall,
this was often not easy.

On a more practical level, how do we make references to the various texts
as I assume that among us different translations, editions, etc. are used.