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Michael A. Lebowitz (mlebowit@sfu.ca)
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paul burkett <ECBURKE@indst.indstate.edu> writes:

> I posted a quesiton on this earlier which evidently didn't get
> through, but I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in
> exploring the con- nections between Marx's critique of political economy
> (including any gaps therein revealed by our outline considerations) and
> Marx's more political writings (including any analytical gaps therein).
> Paul Burkett

I definitely think that making those links should be part of our
explorations. In some cases, the more political writings are a critical
guide to what remains implicit in the critique; eg., the concept of the
political economy of the working class (in the Inaugural Address), which I
explore directly in Ch 4 of Beyond Capital. It is also impossible to explore
Marx's concept of the capitalist state without turning to the Civil War in
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