[OPE-L:18] Prelude to Step One

glevy@acnet.pratt.edu (glevy@acnet.pratt.edu)
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 10:40:57 -0700

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The original idea of the project was to begin by looking at what Marx
wrote regarding his plans for _Capital_. I don't believe we are ready to
do this yet, however, we can discuss *suggestions for readings*.

In my view, we have to remember two important questions here:

1) while we want to read about Marx's plans, our object is to critically
review those plans and discuss what changes in topics and sequence make
the most sense analytically to us.

2) we should take a look at some secondary literature regarding Marx's
plans, but we shouldn't get bogged-down in long secondary literature

Having said the above, I would like to hear suggestions for future
readings by Marx and by others about his plans.

A number of people have made suggestions to me about possible readings. I
would prefer to let list members, though, make suggestions themselves
along with a brief explanation of why a particular reference might be useful.

This is something that we can talk about now or we can hold off on this
discussion, if you prefer. What do you think?

In OPE-L solidarity,