Re: [OPE] procedure

Date: Wed Apr 20 2011 - 09:58:39 EDT

> How coud such an important issue be settled so quickly?
> At least two thirds of the whole members are required to
> agree and at least longer than a week is necessary to
> contemplate and to attract the attention of all the members, I think.

A few quick points:
1. Jurriaan unsubscribed himself yesterday - as he said he would.
2. Disciplinary questions are decided upon by the Administrative
Committee (AC) and all that is required is a majority vote
(3 of the 5 members). I, as list coordinator, am not permitted
to cast a vote unless there is a tie (it was for this reason that
an odd number was selected for the AC size). At no time in the
history of the Administrative Committee have I cast a (tie-
breaking) vote and I hope I never to have to do so.
3. At no time in the list history was the procedure for deciding
upon questions a 2/3 vote of the whole (i.e. the entire list
4. The AC is getting ready to issue a statement on this issue.
In solidarity, Jerry.
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