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Date: Sun Jan 17 2010 - 05:36:28 EST

 I guess you do not posses anything that is called long term memory. Look at my first posts in this thread. I explained there how the concept of empire was used by bourgeois intellectuals in 1970s to attack Lenin's theory of imperialism. Anybody having a grain of attachment to Marxist theory would be alarmed by that. What do you do? You go on with your nonsense. Obviously you do not know anything about what is called theory. Did you not use the expression of 'extreme left' to claim that Lenin's theory was around for so long just because the 'extreme left' (if this is not a political statement!) advocated it!!! Well, test your would-be-theory by looking at the development in in ternational relations for last two years, or what it caused in international left wing movement, especially in Italy. That what you call theory is blind and destructive to socialist and working class movement.

To be just to you: you are right we do not speak the same language neither do we share anything except being member of this list. You are right I do not see anything valuable in what you say to think about even one minute.




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On 2010-01-17 07:20, D. Göçmen wrote:
> He said that even to David whose aricle he used to start the debate.
Please refer to a single post where I wrote that.
> He calls for ultraimerialism theory which starts from the concept of > unity.
Please refer to a single post where I have 'called' for such a theory. What you have written about rivalling imperialist states in the past has been addressed and questioned in several posts before and since then by Paul C and myself.
> He uses bourgeois expressions like 'extrem left'
Please refer to a single post where I used this expression.
One wonders if you are even reading the posts in the thread? Predictably in your final post you failed to address anything about the theory in question. A theory is judged by its testable content not by its adherence to the 'correct' political line. I suppose this motivates your inability to discuss it.
Clearly we do not speak the same language nor do I share your speculative imagination immersed in debates from the past. Neither merits for discussion. Perhaps you can learn something from Jerry here; I take he advocates the classical model of imperialism but strangely enough he is actually capable of discussing it.
//Dave Z
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