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Date: Thu Jan 14 2010 - 14:34:29 EST

> That was the key issue in Lenins analysis of imperialism -- that it was
> the cause of world war. If you remove all the key features of territorial
> empire then why do you think it is still a likely cause of world war?
Hi Paul:
Well, I don't really want to speculate on the causes for the next world
war. The prospects for such a war have to contextualized, I think, in terms
of the current ability of major powers to wage war. The US has a decided
military advantage but there are other major powers as well. Some of the hot spots to look for in terms of an imperialist war might be the relation between the US, Russia, and the EU. You can also throw the PRC in the mix. THere is also the very real possibility of regional warfare between an imperialist nation or nations on one side and blocs of non-imperialist nations on the other (e.g. Latin American countries). Right now I'd have to say that - long-term - the creation of rival regional trade associations has the potential for global military conflicts. But potential does not mean actual or necessary.
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