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Date: Thu Jan 14 2010 - 01:26:28 EST

 Dave Z. and Paul C:

I used the term "empire" very consciously in present tense. The time of empires is gone at least since WWI as non of the imperialist countries can rule over the world for a long period of time without being challenged by other imperialist countries. You know very well whom I am referring to and I know where you have this term from. Is it not Hardt and Negri who serve you? USA's domination of the world could not be challenged in the 20th century as there was the Soviet Union and of course the situation after the WWII: split of Germany as the defeated country, restrictions put on Japan. Immediately after the unification Germany claimed its right to be part of the permanent security council of the UN to indicate that USA's time to rule the world as the single ruling nation is over.

I think you avoid to look at the truth as you antecedent to the facts and reason want to justify some sort of social democratism. The facts speak the language of change. The position you put forward is in fact some sort of labour-aristoctratism. I understand now. By seemingly attacking this concept you in fact try to create space for your position of labour-aristocratism.

To come back to the concept of 'empire': it non-sense as it concentrates on one country as an imperialist country. Lenin's approach suggests that we look at the picture as a whole and look at the relations rather than isolating one from the rest. In fact if you isolate one from the rest you support challenging imperialist countries' claims to have share in the world domination. This is where the nonsense of ultraimperialism theory leads to: social democtratism and labour-aristocratism.





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On 2010-01-13 19:45, D. Göçmen wrote:
> The term "empire" is a nonsense.
To the people of the Indian subcontinent it was not. It was very real and it operated by completely different mechanisms than transnational capitalist firms do today. It leads to different dynamics, different forms of exploitation and different political strategies.
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