[OPE] cyrus bina interview

From: howard engelskirchen <he31@verizon.net>
Date: Sat Jan 09 2010 - 21:03:23 EST

An extensive interview with cyrus bina can be heard on Doug Henwood's Behind the News covering Iran, Lenin, imperialism and the current conjuncture at


That should take you directly to the page. Otherwise, it is at kpfa.org and archived for January 9, 2010, at 10 am

The interview also can be heard on the same program at WBAI, wbai.org for Thursday, Jan 7 at 5 pm.

Kpfa only holds the archives for a couple of weeks. I'm not sure about WBAI. Also don't know if either Doug Henwood or cyrus keep copies on their websites.



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