RE: [OPE] Peer production and abundance

Date: Thu Jan 07 2010 - 14:07:44 EST

> I think there is merit to the argument that the 'open source' mode of
> production conflicts with and potentially undermines capitalist property
> relations. But a systematic theory of this mode of production has yet to
> be formulated.



Hi Dave Z:


Well, I would call it a type (or form or pattern or system) of production, not a

'mode of production". Use of the latter expression is unnecessarily confusing, imo.


> If the 'open source' mode of production is to become the dominant mode,
> the question arises: what share of the total output of an economy could
> actually be produced in this way?

Except for the caveat which I referred to above, that's a good question.


In solidarity, Jerry

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