Re: [OPE] Peer production and abundance

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Thu Jan 07 2010 - 10:31:33 EST

> There is a school of thought - heavily influenced by Marx that claims that
> the production of open source software ( which they call peer production )
> is the germform (Keimform) of a new mode of production growing up within
> the capitalist system. That implies that the transition to communism is
> thought more in terms of the transition from feudalism to capitalism with
> the Keimform of the new mode of production arising within the body of the
> old.
> This school is represented on the Oekonux mailing list.
> Have other list members read these ideas before, and what do they think of
> them.

Hi Paul C:

This idea is also popular in left anarchist circles.

Even with information technologies, labor and means of production are
required. There seems to be the presumption that labor time expenditures
will shrink to almost nothing and that natural resources are basically
unlimited. At best, this is naive. There has yet to be a practical "road
written for communism.

In solidarity, Jerry

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