[OPE] understandings of historical materialism

From: GERALD LEVY <gerald_a_levy@msn.com>
Date: Thu Dec 31 2009 - 06:25:00 EST

> And it has as any other major social phenomenon at the end an
> economic cause.
Hi Dogan:
To observe - as a historical matter - that social phenomena *in general* have an economic cause or causes is not at all the
same thing as claiming that all major social phenomena regardless
of time and space under capitalism have an economic cause. The latter. imo, IS a form of reductionism and a fallacy (the fallacy of division applied to history). It is important not to mistake "general" results (as, e.g. outlined by Marx in the 'Introduction' to the _Critique of Political Economy_) for universal results which hold true irrespective of their temporal and spatial context.
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