Re: [OPE] Britain--parasitic and decaying capitalism: A comment

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Wed Dec 30 2009 - 15:44:08 EST

On 2009-12-30 20:54, Paul Bullock wrote:
> If Paul C thinks that the imperialist action from Palestine to
> Afghanistan ( to limit the point ) have no basis in economic motives,
> then I wonder what sort of Marxist he may consider himself to be?
I suppose he belongs to the odd majority of Marxists that does not think
the world unfolds according to a grand capitalist motive.

To claim that the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the US occupation
of Afghanistan are rooted in the same causes is just not serious. Any
scholar on the Israel/Palestine conflict would dismiss it as
unhistorical nonsense.

//Dave Z
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